Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kitchen Remodelling and Marriage

When someone recently asked me if I had marriage jitters prior to getting married, I scrubbed my memory to go back into the tape archive in my brain. No record found came the response. So when I bought up this topic she said she did not find any record of jitters in her brain archives either. So here were two individuals who were either oblivious of what they were in for or were totally indifferent to the whole idea. In any case we now understand what marriage jitters are now as we are attempting to remodel our kitchen. The contractor gave us a picture of the would be new kitchen and gave us the dimensions, told us about the embellishments and the financial damage the whole episode would cost. We signed on the dotted line and now have new kitchen jitters.


yaadayaada said...

Kitchen Remodel.. Any remodel gives us the jitters!! :-)

Silicon Valley Blogzine said...

We're still recovering. Not sure how long it is going to take :)

Tony said...

So you need not to done kitchen remodelling or marriage to anoid jitters..
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