Saturday, June 7, 2008

IT Sucks!!

This is in response to Sundar's post about the IT profession. On a purely personal note, when I go to desi birthday parties I see some odd dudes hanging out all alone playing hockey with their nans and koftas in the corner. I try to go and make small talk with them and almost always they are non IT dudes who just don't know how to blend in. To me talking to these dudes is refreshing, it's enriching and almost always a learning experience. I learn about FDA fast track for drugs, hear about how someone invented a cashew opener in Mangalore and now being exported to every African country, how there is a plan to orally dispense insulin just like the mist that cures bronchitis, how someone determines the optimal temperature of oil to fry nachos. Ok enough examples, you get the idea. The choice of listening to this anytime beats out listening to why Yahoo! should get acquired, or why twitter is cool or why facebook is not worth 15 billion or playing hockey with stale nans and kofta balls.

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Sundar Narayanan said...


anandha kanneer!

en vedhanai purinja oru manidhan!


I have seriously considered buying a book called web 2.0 for dummies.. (if one exists) so I can make conversation at birthday parties..