Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Incredible India Wins First Gold in Beijing

Truly a glorious moment for Indian Sports. Hope this is just the beginning of India having a presence in International Sports. Abhinav Bindra ended the 28 year drought by bringing Gold to India.

What was even more surpirising was some beat me to updating his wikipedia entry :)

vallyblogzine does not stand a chance in spelling bee

I thought I had uncovered a spelling blunder on a recent trip to Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. How could a factory that claims itself to be a mecca for chocolates make such a huge mistake I mused. Came home and did a quick verification. Made me realize that I should not be allowed anywhere in the vicinity of Spelling bees.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Green Tourists

It's a cult in San Francisco to be green. Don't beleive me? Maybe these pictures will convince you.

Segway Assembly session in full swing.

Hybrid Taxis rub shoulders with Horse carriages

Mr.Clown uses totally organic eco friendly vegetable dyes to color himself.

Ok, I admit, I was pulling a fast one about Mr.Clown :)

See and Smile :)

Took some interesting snaps on a visit to San Francisco. Will be releasing them in phases.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talking to the Tanzanian Home Ministry - Part 2

More faxes sent, more calling cards, a conversation with the Police chief later i've tracked down my mother's file. I was thrilled that I had uncovered the needle in a haystack. So now for the sad part of the story.
The processing required US $25 to be sent along with the initial application. My mom said she had $25 in cash and would send it along with the application. Mr.Smarty Pants (me) screamed at her for not being thoughtful on such things. I told her i'll take care of that part. Promptly went to Bank of America and got a Cashier's check in favor of the ministry, walked straight to a FedEx office nearby and sent the package to India for my mother to send it along with her application. Needless to say I felt pretty proud of myself. Now when I called and spoke to the Police chief he said the application was stalled because they expected cash and not a cashiers check. Apparently encashing the cashier check would cost them and was not acceptable. Send cash through DHL or FedEx he advised. I did a mental revisit of everything my mother said. There was a mention of $25 (no mention of check, DD, cashier's check, in favor of etc). So why did I use my intelligence?

My mind quickly worked out a brief synopsis of the damage:

Cashiers Check for $25 + FedEx to India - $70
Calling Cards to Tanzania - $20
$25 cash + FedEx to Tanzania - $115
Lesson learnt by Mr.Smarty Pants - Priceless.