Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rajaram's Tryst with a Filipina.

Rajaram Iyer was nervous in spite of being in the midst of friends. He had been away from this gang for a long time and this reunion was something he had long yearned for. He had left his friends as a nerd who had the reputation for being all work and no play. He was keen on changing that image. He started recounting an incident and the whole room came to a pin drop silence. This was after all a brahmin talking about his escapade with a filipina that even a couple of bystanders joined in to listen. The master story teller started weaving his magic.

"I feel like a true chrisitian walking towards the holy father to confess and seek redemption for my sins. I did not realize it would be this hard. I do not want to appear boastful but I have had my share of escapades with filipina women. Quite a few actually. I prefer to go to places where they accept credit cards including American Express. The place I go to has a frequent visitor discount. Filipina women are very affordable. You typically have an ensemble cast to choose from and once you have identified who you plan to spend the next hour with, you are right away draped in a towel. There is tagalog music in the background. Free water sport is thrown in the mix. They startle you with icy chill water and in spite of your shrieking they giggle and yell back something in tagalog and go back to doing what they consider to be a fairly entertaining ritual. Did I mention you get all of this for 9-10 bucks. You tip them as you please and service with a smile is always their motto."

The room was stunned. Jaws were wide open. Rajaram Iyer had grown up people thought. Iyer had a look of satisfaction in his face. Mission accomplished he wrapped up

As they say in Master card ads "A filipina haircut for 9 bucks priceless!"

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Lak said...

I'm not sure you'd want to purchase anything but a haircut for 10 bucks. Just saying.