Friday, March 14, 2008

Does Tibet stand a chance?

There was talk of an agitation in Lhasa against the Chinese Police. If you did not notice there was a reason I mention "Chinese Police" and not "Police". No prizes for guess where I stand on the issue :)
However since I was not very familiar with the whole history behind the Tibetan occupation, I decided to read about it on Wikipedia

Some commonalities emerged in terms of some of the long standing problems in this world

1. The British are almost always involved. They seem to have an knack for being part of all screw ups.

2. There is an accord of some sort which over time fails to hold weight. Though in this case one accord involving tibet was fairly interesting

In early 1913, Agvan Dorzhiev and two other Tibetan representatives signed a treaty in Urga, proclaiming mutual recognition and their independence from China. However, Agvan Dorzhiev's authority to sign such a treaty has always been - and still is - disputed by some authorities.

This accord involved Tibet and Mongolia declaring their independence from China. I guess they forgot to invite China for the talks.

3. It's the economics stupid! This adage alway holds good. The world has recognized China's occupation of Tibet. Even India has decided to focus on how it can leverage the growing Chinese economic influence for it's own good. It's the green in the pocket that matters not the green in the park.

I will however end this post on an optimistic note by hoping against hope.

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