Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sports Galore.

This weekend proved to be a bumper bonanza for sports lovers. Here are the games I keenly followed

1. India vs South Korea: It looked like the women of Chak de India have rubbed some of the fire they showed on screen off screen to their male counterparts. The Indian team gave a 7-2 drubbing to the Asian tigers (Yes, I know there are no tigers in south korea but they are still considered the Asian tigers). In any case the Indian team was flawless winning all their games in the Asia Cup. I am no fan of K.P.S.Gill but hopefully with this victory the focus will be less on politics and more on this beautiful game. I have officially redefined who will henceforth be called an Asian tiger.
2. Roger Federer delivered in what is becoming a routine effort to win the US open. It has been a while since I watched serious tennis but this US open was a real treat. Fedex as he is popularly called for his rocket serves played such great tennis even when he was pushed against the wall to possibly become the greatest tennis player ever.
3. The NFL season is back in full swing. The Patriots have become deadly because of the lethal combination of Tom Brady and Randy Moss. They made mincemeat of the Jets. I am predicting "Brady-Moss-Touchdown" will become a commentary we will get to hear very often.

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