Friday, September 7, 2007

Devious Mind.

My mind often goes into a mode where it tries to detect conspiracies. Upon reading the news article that the US Economy got a boost on account of "Back to School" sales, me and my mind had a conversation.

Me: Wow!, Back to school can help boost the economy?
Mind: Daa!!, it happens every year. Why do you think kids don't wear uniforms in this country? It's part of a conspiracy by the retailers to force consumer to buy "color" dresses

Me:Wow! Walmart reduced prices on 16,000 school products to entice shoppers. I wonder why "Back to school" does not work any magic on the Indian economy?
Mind: How many school products did you deal with? Let me give you the list
a. Wholesale uniform supplies from a marwadi store in Parrys for you and your entire apartment complex.
b. Camel/Natraj Geometry Boxes: Camel for the rich and Natraj for the wannabe rich
c. Ratna store tiffin box with lifetime warranty for you, your children and your grandchildren.
d. Lifetime supply of books/brown paper from Vijaya stores.

Me: Wow! you're smart.
Mind: No you're dumb.

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