Thursday, July 19, 2007

Second Life must be hott!!!

Looks like second life is hot. How do I know? My latest credit card statement from American Express had a charge for $9.95 from second life. I had visited the home page of second life for the first time yesterday and did not remember signing up for anything whatsoever. So I was frankly surprised on two counts.

a. Did Second Life think their stuff was so compelling that they could charge me $9.95 apriori even before me actually visiting their site. I know virtual worlds are spooky but this was waaay off base!
b. Somone out there steals my credit card information and what do they do?, No, they do not go charge it for an expensive all inclusive trip to Tahiti but charge a measly $9.95 for an avatar on Second life.

I am convinced Second Life is indeed hott!!

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