Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talking to the Tanzanian Home Ministry - Part 2

More faxes sent, more calling cards, a conversation with the Police chief later i've tracked down my mother's file. I was thrilled that I had uncovered the needle in a haystack. So now for the sad part of the story.
The processing required US $25 to be sent along with the initial application. My mom said she had $25 in cash and would send it along with the application. Mr.Smarty Pants (me) screamed at her for not being thoughtful on such things. I told her i'll take care of that part. Promptly went to Bank of America and got a Cashier's check in favor of the ministry, walked straight to a FedEx office nearby and sent the package to India for my mother to send it along with her application. Needless to say I felt pretty proud of myself. Now when I called and spoke to the Police chief he said the application was stalled because they expected cash and not a cashiers check. Apparently encashing the cashier check would cost them and was not acceptable. Send cash through DHL or FedEx he advised. I did a mental revisit of everything my mother said. There was a mention of $25 (no mention of check, DD, cashier's check, in favor of etc). So why did I use my intelligence?

My mind quickly worked out a brief synopsis of the damage:

Cashiers Check for $25 + FedEx to India - $70
Calling Cards to Tanzania - $20
$25 cash + FedEx to Tanzania - $115
Lesson learnt by Mr.Smarty Pants - Priceless.

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