Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cyclone Nargis

One of the reasons I read blogs is it points me in directions that may be of interest to me. It stimulates me and I start digging deeper. One such instances was Lakshman's blog about Cyclone Nargis. I was in Chennai when the Tsunami hit and though it did not affect me in any way I did know of people who lost their lives just because they happened to be at the Marina beach for an early morning walk. It took me a few days to recognize the magnitude of the devastation. What has happened in Burma is no different. I think this disaster has even softened the military junta which has started letting military aid flow in.

I urge people to contribute since this is a tragedy of gargantuan proportions and given that in the Internet era it takes all but minutes for such tragedies to make way for more popular headlines, it's upto us to all of us bloggers to keep it alive. In case you are wondering how you can help, here are some basic tips.

1. Go with an organization which can help most effectively in such times. E.g. Doctors without borders, Red Cross etc.
2. See if your company matches your contribution.
3. Mobilize as many people as you can think of to contrubute.

I decided not to include gruesome photos of the devastation and instead include the snap of two lovely burmese kids to symbolize hope. Hope!

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