Friday, April 11, 2008

Who are linking to my blog?

If you wanted to find out who have linked to your blog, you can get that information using a tool called Site Explorer.

Take a look at this link and click on "inlinks" to see how many people have cited your site.

A lot of complex technology goes into doing this. Check it out, it's fun.


Lak said...

I use
Google webmaster tools
and Technorati to do this.

The yahoo site is a bit yahoo -- since you have a link to my blog from your site, it lists every one of your posts as an inlink rather than simply your site. It also lists every one of my posts as an inlink because there is a link from it back to the blog homepage!

Google webmaster tools is a lot smarter but is extremely selective, so it misses a few links.

Technorati gets more links, but many of these links are aggregators. The bottomline is that Google's webmaster tools is the best.

Silicon Valley Blogzine said...

There is a filter for you to avoid getting inlinks from your own domain. You can filter based on domain or subdomain. I'm yet to try out Google webmaster tools.