Sunday, April 20, 2008

Encyclopedia Britannica

When I was a kid I remember going to a friend's place and staring at an entire collection of Encyclopedia Britannica. Let's just say this friend was very rich. So when I got to know the entire collection was now available for free I could not resist the urge to sign up. People had written obituaries about Britannica what with Wikipedia and Web Search engines making any information a matter of a few keystrokes. I thought this was an awesome chance for them to prove the critics wrong.

I promptly decided to fill out the form when I caught the line in CAPS.

Start using Britannica's premium service immediately. Just complete this one-page form, then confirm and submit your order in Step 2!

Account Information
Subscription Type: FREE ACCESS FOR 1 YEAR 0.00 (USD)

Why would they offer this for a period of 1 year only. Is it to attract to lock in people and show how valuable their content is?
It's hard to comprehend who comes up with these buisness decisions. I just have a feeling they have let one more golden oppurtunity slip.

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