Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rajaram's Tryst with the law

Rajaram iyer was late for his IIT JEE physics tuition. His mom had insisted that he have a couple of more idlis inspite of him being 30 minutes late for his tuitions. She told him that his professor would understand. He quickly picturized a scenario where he was explaining the reason for his delay to Professor Balasubramaniam. He shuddered at the thought of having to face the professors choice abuses and the fact that he would become an object of ridicule of his friends. He quickly dodged his mom and escaped on his run down hero cycle. He raced down the crowded TTK Salai. He made an amazing left turn in the busy Music Academy junction that would have made Lance Armstrong proud only to be stopped by a pot bellied constable. The constable gave a very disapproving look. He kept shaking his head which reminded rajaram of the look his father would give him everytime he would have to go through the tirade of getting the parent's signature on the report card.

Do you know how to read quizzed the constable. Stunned by the question rajaram stuttered in the affirmative. Rajaram then made what he thought was a very sharp observation where he saw a maruti suzuki make the same mistake. He pointed out to the constable why he was being singled out when pretty much every one else was doing the same mistake. The constable's total indifference made rajaram shudder. The constable then came to the "matter". He was a master at this art. He started sympathizing with rajaram all of a sudden. His face seemed to indicate that he was rooting for rajaram and for this matter to end quickly. He said he would take care of the "matter" with minimal fuss and it would cost all of 100 bucks. Dealing with the bigger pot bellied SI would prove to be at least 5 times more expensive. Rajaram had a torn 5 Rs note in his pocket that his mom had given him for filling air for his run down cycle. He was getting late for his tuition and needed to do something quickly. Rajaram decided to wear a beggar's look. His impoverished physique lent credibility to his story. He told the constable that he was deviod of any money whatsoever. He further mentioned that he would go request his Income Tax Inspector dad that constable uncle had requested 100 bucks to smoothen out a case and his dad would be very happy to give him the money. The constable started perspiring which was unusual for the music season month of december. Rajaram's signal had turned green and he happily whistled forward only to face the music of his physics professor

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