Monday, October 1, 2007

Neither Indian Nor Chinese Cuisine

Temptations a restaurant on Castro st in Mountain view has come out with a new cuisine. I call it "Neither Indo Chinese" cuisine. They claim the food they serve is Indian-Chinese fusion. Seeing the long wait time and the menu card that is prominently displayed outside I thought I had discovered a gem. I went ahead and ordered more than the entire family could eat. We ordered Gobi Manchurian, Chilli Panner, Garlic Naan and Vegetable Hakka Noodles. I thought this was a slamdunk order and I was going to be one happy man at the end of the meal. Meanwhile destiny had other ideas. The food was awful. Every item was neither indian nor chinese. They seem to have taken the bad aspects of both cuisines and fused them. More Ajinomoto and more oil was the motto. In any case this place is no temptation. On the positive side the service and decor was good but hey I'm there for the food so I can tolerate bad service and bad decor :). In any cas the wait for good gobi manchurian continues.

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