Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Meeting someone world famous

I am meeting someone world famous tomorrow afternoon. Readers of this blog are encouraged to take a guess. This post will be updated with details on the meeting with this person.

Hint: This person is from the Indian sub-continent. Ok I know that might not be much of a clue given that the Indian Sub-Continent is all but 1Billion+ people strong. But that's the only clue you folks are going to get.

Update: So the world famous person I was referring to was Mohammed Yunus. They say the hallmark of greatness is simplicity and Mohammed Yunus truly lived up to that. His speech was down to earth about how everyone can make a difference. He asked people to stop considering big problems like World poverty and hunger as a whole and split it up into smaller chunks that an individual can tackle. He said if he is able to come up with an innovative way to eliminate hunger for one person, then replicating the solution is easier. Words of wisdom from a genius! and I was truly honored to rub shoulders with him (literally :)


Ramkumar said...

Do tell us about how you got to rub shoulders with him??

Silicon Valley Blogzine said...

Dr.Yunus had visited Yahoo! as part of an Influential speaker series. Rubbing shoulders with him took a very high level of focus on my part to wade my way past the crowd to get a picture with him. Seemed like a more difficult task than getting a Nobel :)