Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tamil Nadu could easily vie with states like UP and Bihar for having the worst set of politicians. Here, the political machinery is focussed on erecting statues, nurturing animosity towards the opposition, playing the caste card and fanning lingual fanaticism. Subsidies are doled out in plenty during elections with no consideration to the exchequer. Battles are fought on TV channels where the only news you get is opponent bashing. The electorate no doubt is disenchanted. Dayanidhi Maran provided some releif at least for the IT sector, bringing in a good deal of new investment to Tamil Nadu. He soon turned out to become a tad too powerful much to the discomfort of the DMK top brass. Stalin was the heir apparent and they had to nip the maran bud before it became too powerful. However Stalin did not have the suave urban charm that Dayanidhi exuded to be able to connect with the increasing BPO/IT/OMR/ECR/Mayajaal crowd. They needed a chennaite with a prep school upbringing.
Enter Kanimozhi the daughter of Karunanidhi seems to be a diplomat par excellence. The following interview with Karan Thapar shows we have a fairly good politician in the making. I am not much of a gambler but I'm betting on her playing a very prominent role in the DMK in the years to come.

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Ramkumar said...

She appears like another scammer, claiming ignorance but still focused on protecting Karunanidhi. It is an extremely difficult job but thanks to Karunanidhi creating a crisis every few days she only has to worry about addressing one crisis for a few days before the next one shows up.

Few days ago, it was Sethu samudram and Lord Ram. Next it was 123 agreement. Who knows what Karunanidhi will come up with in the next few days