Saturday, October 27, 2007

Health and wealth - A valley perspective.

I make it a point to go for an annual physical. This time around I did not have any form of excercise to my credit since the Doctor had made it very clear that changing channels with the remote would not count. My feeble attempts at becoming the next Jian Jialing in ping pong were also fast waning. The tests thankfully went off without incident and I promised the doc that I would get back to swinging the paddle. Just to give a perspective of the state of health in the valley, one of my close friends had climbed the Kilimanjaro with effortless ease, Vinod Khosla completed the $5 Billion Cerent deal with Cisco hanging off a cliff in Machu Pichu (ok maybe I am exaggerating), one of my other friends almost beat Rogger Bannister in running a sub four minute mile and the Asha Marathon will soon be giving the Boston Marathon a run or its money. So, here's a handy tip, if you need any inspiraton on this front, stop reading this blog and check out what this adventurer has done. And now, the next time you ponder why a robotic remote that would walk to where you are parked on the couch is yet to be invented, think again!

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