Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Observations

Here are some observations during my hectic shopping weekend.

1. Ikea charges money for plastic bags. On one hand people were stocking up logs of lumber but doing their bit by not buying plastic. I guess I just don't get it, at least not yet!
2. Palo Alto has a lot of dog lovers. Being a Hindu I believe in rebirth and as of this weekend I have decided to do a lot of good karma so that in my next life i'd be dog in Palo Alto. I figured that is the only way i'd get to enjoy the Palo Alto lifestyle.
3. Nieman Marcus should be renamed Needless Markup.
4. William Sonoma had a salt and pepper crusher set for $100. I got hypertension right there and decided salt was not good for my health.
5. Kids wanted to know why we did not get windows. Did not understand until I remembered that I had told my wife that we'd only do window shopping in Stanford Mall.

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utbtkids said...

Window shopping was way to cute!