Tuesday, August 21, 2007

illegal exception: Programming in legal

A good number of programmer geeks would have seen this message every once in a while when you write bad code. Before non-programmers dismiss this post this is not a post on how to avoid this pitfall so rest assured you can safely read further.

A friend of mine told me about making a will that would bequeath all our assets to our kids. He told me the cost would amount to something in the order of $2000. He went on to add that one could get a better quote if one were sane enough to jump though all the legal jargon and fill all the paper work by themselves. I found all of this too hard to comprehend. My kids getting my property after we die is as simple as it gets. My thinking would be unless otherwise stated they would get 50-50 (almost like the default label in a switch statement). Too much of programming makes you think only in terms of logic (if/then/else). It appears the Legal language is foreign to this programming paradigm. Apparently they speak a different language if you go by this post.

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