Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zuckenberg the next Jobs?

A friend of mine sent me an article from a magazine I revere for it's balanced coverage "The Economist". This following is a snippet fron the article.

Facebook is generating so much excitement this summer that bloggers are likening Mr Zuckerberg to Steve Jobs.

Is'nt that a bit too much. Steve Jobs has been in the industry more than Zuckenberg's age and possibly the entire Facebook board put together :).

Let us see what Jobs has accomplished so far.

1. Defined Usability through the Graphical User Interface
2. Created an alternative to the PC
3. Revived the Mac from the dumps.
4. Redefined the way one listened to music.
5. Redefined the way we thought of Animation

Of course the jury is still out on if he changes the way we think about phones.

What does Zuckenberg have at this point
1. Created a Social Network which is seeing a lot of traffic.
2. Created a paradigm shift in the way the Web would be used.

Ok, it's likely that Zuckenberg has done is impressive given his age. But can people cut the hyperbole. Comparing him to Jobs is nothing short of sacrilege!

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