Friday, July 27, 2007

A stock to buy

I like to place bets on technology. Whether I make money or not there is an adrenalin rush in understanding the technology behind a company and rooting for it. So I am going to share with you folks companies I will be investing in. Some information that will be useful for you.
  • These posts will be only about companies that I will be investing in henceforth and will not include companies I have already invested in.
  • My track record on investment has been pretty decent save for some money I lost during the dot-com meltdown.
  • Holding period for investment in these stocks is medium term (1-2years)
  • Of course use your common sense in investing and as they say in Finance lingo "Don't ever put all your eggs in one basket"
  • Always remember that 30 second speed juggling with words following any investment related commercials. I think it has something to do with market fluctuations and risk :)

Ok without further ado here's my pick

AKAMAI : This company is in the business of providing infrastructure for content delivery. A very niche business with very few players such as Limelight networks. Can a new player like Google come by building their own CDN? Possible, but very unlikely this would happen. So Akamai is going to rule in this space for a while. Video streaming is going to be huge going forward and all of that is going to go through Akamai's infrastructure. So I'm pretty gungho about the prospects of this company and for icing on the cake the stock is near its 52 week low. The possible downside risk is not being able to maintain margins on account of having to discount longer term contracts. But like I said I feel pretty strongly about the technology so the other things that wall street likes to over analyze would hopefully fall in place.

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Anil said...

Nice Pick.

Nice Company.

Hope you hit a 52 week High on this