Sunday, July 15, 2007

Facebook vs LinkedIn

There have been some comparisons lately between these two networks. One theory going around which has quite a few backers is that Facebook is for fun and LinkedIn is for serious professional networking. Based on some very crude analysis there appears to be substance to this theory. A quick sampling of the Facebook application directory reveals there are 700 applications in the category "Just for Fun" and 77 in the "Business" category. LinkedIn on the other hand is 100% professional networking and the only fun you can have is in doing some creative writing of your profile :)
Do people want to have fun or look to expand their professional networks. Here are some quick statistics from Alexa that unravels this mystery. And oh, the graph does not have a legend which I omitted deliberately. Does this graph really need a legend? :)

Update: Jeff Pulver says he'd rather have fun and do business networking at the same time.

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