Monday, July 23, 2007

Facebook Applications: Why bother with Quality?

While Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft have a concept of having a beta release to weed out bugs, it appears there is no such thing in Facebook land. While I can understand that there are a number of third party applications which are being integrated into the Facebook platform maintaining quality is imperative. Over the past couple of days I have seen quite a few issues with some of these applications. Facebook being the platform would need to be a lot more careful in ensuring quality of these applications. We all know this is not going to be easy. Microsoft with it's army of seasoned experts is still faced with dealing with a perception of poor quality on account of badly written applications. Facebook has to give this aspect a very serious look. And what's up with the different categories? The top two business applications in Facebook is "Total Sports Fan" and "BasketBall Fan". Well I can agree with the concept of Sports franchise being businesses but this is clearly not the intent of these two applications. They also appear in the Sports category. Facebook better take care of such things before they get out of hand.

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